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This instruction guide explains how to use and access your stealth edition software. Please read all instructions thoroughly.


Important Usage Instructions

This version of SpyAgent comes pre-installed for optimal stealth, so you do not have to bother worrying about hiding the software yourself.

Here are a few tips you MUST read before installing, however.

1. Before installation please review the 'Preparing your Computer' section in SpyAgent's help documentation at http://www.spytech-web.com/help/docs/spyagent10/installation.shtml

2. The installer you purchased runs invisibly, that is -the user (you, or whoever else) will see NOTHING while the software installs and runs. It will appear nothing has happened, but in reality SpyAgent is already running in stealth mode.

3. To access SpyAgent once you install it, press CONTROL+ALT+SHIFT+M on your keyboard to bring up the password entry window. This stealth install uses the directory of c:\program files\sysconfig as SpyAgent's installation directory. If you are using a 64-bit version of Windows the installation folder will be c:\program files (x86)\sysconfig\

4. The default password after installation to bring SpyAgent out of stealth mode is 'spytech' - no quotes. You can change this yourself by going to the password settings in SpyAgent.

5. Since this version of SpyAgent does not install help files (for stealth purposes) you can view the full help documentation online at http://www.spytech-web.com/help/docs/spyagent10/

6. Remember to uninstall the trial of SpyAgent if you installed it before purchasing this software.

Support Resources

If you need further help with using your purchase please consult your product help documentation, or any of the the following support links:

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