Configuring SpyAgent's Email Delivery (with Stealth Email Service)

Step 1:

Click on "Email Delivery" within SpyAgent to get to the following configuration screen. Enable email delivery by checking the "Send Logs via E-Mail" box. Enter in your address in "Send Mail To" and "Send Mail From" fields. This email address should be your email address provided by your ISP. Move to the next step to start configuring your "SMTP Mail Host" field.

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Step 2:

Enter in '' as your "SMTP Mail Host".

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Step 3:

Click on "Use SMTP Authentication". Configure the SMTP Authentication settings using your full address as your username, and your password. Click "OK" to continue.

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Step 4:

You can now configure what logs you want sent via email. Your setting screen should be similar to the one below - with your own email account information substituted, of course. Click "OK" to save everything.

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Step 5:

To test your new settings click on SpyAgent's "Options" button. Choose "Test Email Log Delivery" from the menu. If the test completes properly you should receive a sample log in your inbox!

Note: It is recommend you disable any outgoing email scanning tools (such as outgoing virus scanners) while SpyAgent is running, as they may alert the user that emails are being sent.

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