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Spytech Software proudly presents Spytech IntegrityCheck Plus. IntegrityCheck Plus is a comprehensive system and security analysis tool for your Windows 9x/ME PC. IntegrityCheck Plus features security based exploit scanners to detect possible security exploits on your system ranging from backdoor trojan infection, to listening system ports, to cached passwords that anyone can view to gain access to your PC. Not only can IntegrityCheck help you find these exploits, it can help you stop them as well. IntegrityCheck Plus is not only a security tool, but a system management tool as well. IntegrityCheck features many different system management utilities that you can use on a daily basis. These utilities include, but are not limited to, critical system file and registry backup, registry error detection, secure file deletion, system file and history cleanup, process management, startup file management, and more! IntegrityCheck features a slick, easy to use interface that can be loaded on your Windows startup allowing you to keep IntegrityCheck running from your system tray all the time for easy security and utility access!


Backdoor Vulnerability Scan IntegrityCheck Plus can scan your system for possible backdoor trojan infection. This utility is great for keeping hackers OUT of your PC, and your secure data IN. The Backdoor scan will reveal any infected backdoors on your system and will display the trojan description, plus the offending file path in an easy to manage list - thus allowing you to track down and eliminate any offending backdoor vulnerabilities!

Open Port Scan IntegrityCheck Plus can scan your PC for possible open ports on your machine. An open port indicates a possible attack point for hackers to gain access through. Whereas most open ports may signify an internet connection, like a chat messenger or web browser, many of them also signify a possible backdoor listening - awaiting for a remote hacker to gain access through. All open ports on your machine will be revealed in seconds in an easy to read data list that includes the open port number, plus a description of the port service, if available!

Password Cache Viewer IntegrityCheck Plus can scan your PC for all stored passwords used by Windows. These stored passwords include, but are not limited to, dialup networking passwords, website account passwords, software passwords, and more! By default, if you are operating Windows under a username other than Default your passwords are usually stored - thus creating a possible security hole for anyone with a password revealer hack tool. IntegrityCheck Plus allows you to TURN OFF this Windows feature, thus securing your passwords.

Eradicator Secure File Deletion IntegrityCheck Plus allows you to totally, and securely, annihilate files from your hard disk. Having data that you thought you had deleted come back to haunt you is not what you want, so IntegrityCheck Plus offers you 3 levels of secure deletion: Low, High, and Military. The Low and High deletion routines overwrite the selected files multilpe times to ensure it will not come back to haunt you. The Military technique, however, uses government and military style deletion techniques, thus ensuring the files will not come back to haunt you.

Critical System File and Registry Backup IntegrityCheck Plus has a built in file backup utility that allows you to backup all your files that your PC needs to operate smoothly. These files include key system files, as well as your registry files. The backup utility can be used to backup your files to the Windows\ICBackup directory or to a floppy disk. Now you will not have to worry about a virus coming in and deleteing key system files!

System Monitor and Information IntegrityCheck Plus's system monitor utility allows you to check up on the stats dealing with your processor and dial-up connection. The system monitor will display your current IP address, operating system version, username, local host name, machine name, CPU usage percentage, number of threads running on your system, your dialup connection speed, and how many bytes you have sent/received through your dialup connection. This utility is great for checking for possible backdoors. How? If your Kernel CPU Usage percent is really high (consistently above 50-60% while you are doing nothing) then you may be running a trojan. Also, if your BYTES SENT or BYTES RECEIVED count is rapidly increasing while you are not actively checking e-mail, chat messaging, or browsing the net - then you may be a target of a hacker DoS attack - or there may be someone connected to your machine through a backdoor!

Process Manager IntegrityCheck Plus has a built in process manager that allows you to see every running program on your machine. IntegrityCheck Plus allows you to refresh the process list, as well as terminate (stop) any running processes. This feature works great in conjunction with a backdoor found running on your machine!

Startup Manager IntegrityCheck Plus has a built in startup manager that allows you to see what files load when you load up Windows. This manager allows you to see if there are any 'suspicious' files loading on startup that you may be wary of - if so, you can remove the startup files from the manager with the click of the "Remove" button!

CipherWorks Secure Encryption IntegrityCheck Plus features secure encryption for securing files, directories, and text files from outside users. CipherWorks allows you to choose from 3 different secure encryption methods, each protected by your own personalized password.

System Requirements

  • Windows 95/98/ME
  • 2 MB Disk space
  • 613 KB Download

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