Configuring Realtime-Spy

Setting up your Realtime-Spy logging module that you will send out to other Macs you own to start monitoring is an easy process. Follow these steps and you should have no problems!

1. Run the Realtime-Spy Configuration app (located in your Applications\Realtime-Spy\ folder)

2. Configure your Realtime-Spy account Information (username, and password) - for more information check out section 3 of this documentation: Account Configurations

3. Choose your Remote Install option: to use a splash screen or not. If you choose to use a splash screen the user will be notified that Realtime-Spy is running every time the PC is loaded, and when they initially run the logging module you send to them.

4 . Select what logging options you want enabled in the Realtime-Spy logging file.

5 . Click "Create"

6. Select a name for your logging module you will remotely deploy to other Macs.

7. You will receive a 'successful configuration' screen with the complete file path of the file you should send to other machines (either via email or over a network).

8. Send this app file to other Macs you own, or run it on your Mac physically to start recording activities! All activities are recorded to your personal webspace you received after purchasing. (your webspace is located at - where username and password are the same username/password you used in your account settings!)

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