Welcome to Realtime-Spy!

Congratulations for choosing Realtime-Spy! Realtime-Spy is a powerful remote mobile devicemonitoring solution that allows you to remotely:

  • Log user text/sms messages
  • See what programs they run - and for how long
  • See what websites they frequent
  • See photos they capture with the device's camera
  • View voice call logs
  • See where the device is located with precise tracking

Realtime-Spy can be remoetely uninstalled as well, creating a totally remote-based monitoring system.

Using the Realtime-Spy Documentation
Simply click a topic in the panel to the left to display all relevant information
about that topic. All topics are explained in detail and are all accurate and up-to-date.

Realtime-Spy Requirements
Supported Platforms: Android 2.0+
Memory: At least 1MB


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