SpyAgent's Stealth Mode

SpyAgent is a very powerful monitoring solution - even more so because you can configure SpyAgent to run in TOTAL STEALTH. Using SpyAgent's built in stealth mode SpyAgent will not be visible anywhere to the user. SpyAgent will not appear in the task list under any Windows platform, and SpyAgent will not appear in the task bar.

Starting Stealth Mode
SpyAgent's stealth mode is VERY easy to configure - simply click on the GENERAL button in the right panel of SpyAgent's user interface and enable the 2 options:
"Load SpyAgent in ACTIVE monitoring mode" and "Run SpyAgent in Stealth-Mode"
If you wish SpyAgent to run when you turn your computer on, in stealth mode, simply enable one of the Windows startup options as well!

Stopping Stealth Mode
To Stop SpyAgent's stealth mode either press CONTROL+ALT+SHIFT+M on your keyboard (all keys at the same time), or run the program file "nostealth.exe" that is installed in your SpyAgent program files installation directory. Once you do this you will be prompted for your SpyAgent password - enter it and SpyAgent will stop monitoring and show itself. Now you can view all logs as you please. Click on "Start Monitoring" to restart the monitoring!

Optimal Stealth Mode/Stealth Mode Tips
Check out our stealth installation guide here for a step-by-step installation guide

Stealth Actions Menu

The Stealth Actions menu, located under the PROGRAM OPTIONS menu on the SpyAgent interface, allows you to quickly apply common stealth mode settings. This menu allows you to enable all optimal stealth options, remove SpyAgent's entry from the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel (if you included an uninstaller), and also remove SpyAgent from the Start Menu if you did not choose the 'stealth' installation.


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