Email Log Delivery

Keystroke Spy has the unique ability to allow you to have its activity logs delivered to your personal e-mail address every X minutes as desired. This allows you to remotely keep tabs on your computer from a remote location.

Setting it up

Recipient: This is where the logs are delivered to. Most likely your own personal email address.

Clear Keystroke Logs After Sending: This will clear all keystroke logs after logs are sent, if configured.

Send Snapshot: This will make Keystroke Spy include a screenshot of the desktop at the time of the email log delivery.

How to enable this option
You can turn this feature on by clicking on PROGRAM OPTIONS on the Keystroke Spy window, then 'Configure Email Delivery'.

Viewing Logs
Once the logs are emailed to you, you can view the logs inside your own email software that you commonly use. All logs are in HTML format, and can be saved by simply going to the Save email feature within your email client.

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