Screenshot Logging

Keystroke Spy can be configured to capture screenshots of all user activities.

Setting it up
To configure Keystroke Spy's screenshot logging click on PROGRAM OPTIONS then 'Configure Screen Capturing Settings'. Checking the 'Enable Screenshot Capturing' box will turn on screenshot capturing.

Capture All Activities: Keystroke Spy will capture screenshots every X seconds regardless of what the user is doing.

Capture the following Activities...: Keystroke Spy will only capture screenshots every X seconds if the user is engaging in social networking, web, or email and chat activity.

Capture Entire Desktop: Keystroke Spy will capture a screenshot of the entire desktop.

Capture Active Window Only: Keystroke Spy will capture a screenshot of just the active window the user is working in.

Screenshot Storage Limit: Keystroke Spy will start overwriting the oldest screenshots with new captures when this storage limit is met.

Pause if user is Inactive X minutes: Keystroke Spy will pause screenshot capturing if the user does not use the mouse or keyboard for the amount of time specified.

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