General Settings

Keystroke Spy's General Settings are accessed via the Program Options->Configure General Settings menu.

Startup: Keystroke Spy can be configured to load on windows startup for all users, the current user you are logged in under, or not at all.

Active Mode: this option allows Keystroke Spy to be started in monitoring mode when it is opened - no need for manually starting its monitoring

Stealth Mode: this option allows Keystroke Spy to run in total stealth. Combined with 'Active Mode' the software will load and run in monitoring mode in complete stealth.

Splash Screen: this will determine if Keystroke Spy alerts the user it is running or not.

Idle Timeout: this time counter tells Keystroke Spy how long to wait before it pauses logging when the user is not doing anything at the computer.

Other settings...

Splash Screen: this allows you to specify Keystroke Spy's startup splash screen, if enabled.

Autoclear: this allows you to have Keystroke Spy autoclear its logs when they reach specified size limits.


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