Configuring Realtime-Spy

Setting up your Realtime-Spy logging module that you will send out to other PC's to start monitoring is an easy process. Follow these steps and you should have no problems!

1. Login to your member's area here

2. Configure your Realtime-Spy logging module by clicking on 'Create Logging Module'

3. Choose your logging options and alert user option. If you choose to check/enable the 'alert user' option the monitored user will be notified that Realtime-Spy is running every time the PC is started, and when they initially run the logging module.

4. Click 'Create Module' to create your logging module.

5. Download your logging module by clicking the download link provided after the module creation completes.

6 . Send this file to other PC's, or run it on a PC physically to start recording activities! All activities are recorded to your personal webspace you received after purchasing. (your webspace is located at

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