Real-time Monitoring

Realtime-Spy can be configured to transmit user activities and keystrokes in real-time as they occur.

Setting up and Using Real-time Monitoring

To start real-time monitoring you will first need to create a logging module. Once that module is deployed and running on a computer, login to your Realtime-Spy webspace, select a computer, and then click on 'Real-time Keystrokes', 'Real-time Screenshots', or 'Real-time Events'.

With the selected real-time viewer open and a computer selected, click 'Start Real-time Updates'. The log will automatically update when the remote user performs activities. To stop the real-time updates simply close your web-browser or click 'Stop Real-time Updates'. Stopping the real-time updates in your browser will not cause the Realtime-Spy software to stop sending real-time events in the future.

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