Getting Started with Realtime-Spy

Realtime-Spy is a remote computer monitoring solution. Realtime-Spy is designed for monitoring remote computers you do not have physical access to. There are several basic steps you need to take in order to use Realtime-Spy

1. Login to your Realtime-Spy Account.

Login to your Realtime-Spy account by clicking here

2. Configure a Logging Module

You will need to configure a logging module in your Realtime-Spy member's area by clicking on 'Create Logging Module'. This module is the file you will send to the remote computer to begin logging.

3. Send the Logging Module

Once your logging module is created you will need to send it to the remote computer user. The typical method used is email. Once the module is sent the remote user will have to download and run the module to activate monitoring.

4. View Logs

After the Realtime-Spy logging module has been activated you will be able to view the remote user's activity logs via our secure members area.


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