Alert Notifications

NetVizor can be configured to send an alert notification when certain actions are detected - such as a restricted website being visited or a restricted application being executed.

Setting it up
To configure NetVizor's Alert Notifications click on GENERAL OPTIONS then goto the "Alert Notifications" item. Enter your mail settings and what activity alerts you want sent. When these actions are detected you will receive an email stating when the violation occurred, who performed it, what they did exactly, and when.

You can also specify an IP address for alerts to be sent to in realtime. This IP should be the IP address of the viewing computer running the alerts server (see Alerts Manager in the viewer documentation).

Send Alert when a 'filtered' application/website/chat client is used
This alert will notify you when a user has attempted to use an application, website, or chat client that has been prohibited.

Send Alert when a spyware detection app is blocked
This alert will notify you when a user has attempted to use an antispyware program to remove NetVizor.

Send Alert when monitoring is started or computer shutdown
This alert will notify you when a NetVizor starts monitoring a computer (such as when it is initially booted up and a user logs in), or when the computer is shutdown.

Send Alert when a computer's location changes
This alert will notify you when the computer has possibly changed locations by detecting a new external IP address change. With off-network computers, such as company laptops, this will almost always indicate a change of location.

Send Alert when keywords are typed...
This alert will notify you when a user types a key phrase that you want to be alerted for. Click 'specify keywords' to configure the keywords list.

Send Alert when files are modified...
This alert will notify you when a user modifies, creates, or deletes a file or folder that matches one of your file alert criteria. Click 'specify files' to configure the file alerts list.

Send Alert when if a portable drive is connected
This alert will notify you when a user connects a portable drive (i.e.: external hard drive or thumb drive) to the computer being monitored.

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