SpyAnywhere Cloud

View SpyAgent's Activity Logs from Anywhere, in Real-time

SpyAnywhere Cloud is a companion service to SpyAgent that allows you to view SpyAgent's activity logs and reports in real-time, from anywhere, at any time, via your web-browser just by logging into your secure online account. SpyAnywhere also allows you to remotely manage settings, perform remote uninstalls, and more.

With the SpyAnywhere Cloud service you can remotely view your monitored computer's desktop in real-time, view activities as they occur, and even receive real-time activity alert notifications when unwanted behaviors occur.

Windows Compatible for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, NT, and 200x

Real-time Keystroke Viewing

View user keystrokes in real-time via your web-browser.

Real-time Remote Desktop & Webcam Viewing

Remotely view your computer and webcam in real-time.

Real-time Activity Log Viewing

View SpyAgent's activity logs as they are updated in real-time.

SpyAgent Management

Manage SpyAgent's settings and features remotely.

Instant Activity Alerts

Receive notifications via email when unwanted behaviors occur.

Graphical Top-10 Reports

Graphical reports quickly show you the most popular user activities.

Control Monitoring

Start and Stop SpyAgent's monitoring process from your account.

Remotely Uninstall

Remotely uninstall SpyAgent from any monitored computer.

Manage Logs

View, clear, and archive SpyAgent's activity logs.

SpyAnywhere's real-time viewers allow you to monitor and view what is happening on your computer as it happens, from anywhere.

Real-time Keystroke Viewing

View what the user of your computer is typing as they are typing.

Real-time Screenshot & Webcam Viewing

View your computer's screen and webcam from anywhere; see what the user does as they do it.

Real-time Activity Viewing

View the user's activities in real-time, as they occur. No delays between log updates.

SpyAnywhere's Activity and Visual Overviews allow you to instantly see what has been, and what is happening on your computer.

Activity Overview

Quickly view a graph and report showing the selected computer's (or all computers') activities for the current day, and overall. Top applications and websites, as well as total app and web usage time, and active usage and idle times are displayed.

Visual Overview

View a tiled gallery displaying the desktop of each computer that you are monitoring with the most recent screenshots shown: easily observe what is happening on each of your computers in one viewer.

Graphical reporting allows you to see the most popular and common activities on a computer, or all computers at once, in seconds.

Top Application Usage

View the most used applications by session, and overall usage.

Top Websites & Pages

View the most used and visited websites and web pages.

Top Active & Idle Users

View the most active and idle users of your computer.

Top Online Searches

View the most popular online searches performed.

Top Locations

View the top locations where your computer was used.

Top Windows

View the top windows used, by number of uses and application.

Real-time Alerts allow you to receive notifications when unwanted behaviors occur. Detect unwanted activity and respond immediately.

Watches for Keywords

Specify keywords for SpyAnywhere to watch for in applications and websites used, as well as keystrokes typed.

Real-time Email Notifications

Receive instant email notifications when SpyAnywhere detects a keyword being used on your computer.

Real-time Alerts Logging

SpyAnywhere automatically logs any alerts triggered for viewing and responding to at any time.

SpyAnywhere allows you to view SpyAgent's activity logs remotely, from anywhere.

Keystrokes and Passwords

View everything users type - including passwords.

Application Usage

View what apps are ran, and for how long they are actually interacted with.

Website Usage & Searches

View all visits and online searches, and see how long each page was visited.


Visual logging of everything done, played back in a convenient slideshow.

Clipboard Text

View all text copied to the Windows clipboard.

Webcam Images

View images from the webcam to see who is using your computer.

Social Activity, Emails & Chats

See all social network activity, email messages, and chat sessions.

Computer Usage Sessions

Track how long your computer is used, and how long users are active.

Events Timeline

A chronological timeline of everything that has happened on your computer.

Internet Connections

View internet connections established.

File Usage & Transfers

View what files are opened, copied, renamed, and deleted.


View where your computer has been used, with map-based viewing.

SpyAnywhere Features Tour

Take a quick tour of some of SpyAnywhere's key features available in your online SpyAnywhere Cloud account.

SpyAnywhere allows you to quickly view activities occurring on all of your computers at once, or individually by computer, via its centralized visual overview interface.

SpyAnywhere's computer activity overview provides a comprehensive activity summary that allows you to see how active each computer has been, along with what apps and websites are most used, what user is most active, and more.

SpyAnywhere displays all user activities captured by SpyAgent for viewing in real-time - from keystrokes and file usage, to screenshots, webcam captures, and website activity. All logs are organized into easy-to-read, searchable, sortable activity reports.

SpyAnywhere offers a large array of graphical Top 10 reports that provide easy access to seeing what users are most active and idle, what websites and pages are visited the most, what programs are used most and for how long, most popular files, internet connections, and more.

SpyAnywhere allows you to remotely manage your SpyAgent logging settings, startup preferences, stealth options, email log delivery settings, screenshot capturing settings, and much more.

Remote Real-time Monitoring via your Web-Browser

SpyAnywhere allows you to view SpyAgent's activity logs as they are transmitted to your account in real-time, and see what users are doing from anywhere. SpyAnywhere allows you to see what users are typing, view programs they are using, watch the user's desktop and webcam, view website usage, view internet connections and recent files, and more. SpyAnywhere seamlessly integrates with SpyAgent and does not show any visible traces as it sends logs to your secure cloud account.

Integrates with SpyAgent's Activity Logging

SpyAnywhere flawlessly integrates with our popular SpyAgent computer monitoring software, allowing you to view SpyAgent's activity logs from a remote location with your web-browser. SpyAgent's logs allow you to see what users have been typing, what programs and websites they have been using, who they have been talking to and emailing, and much more. SpyAnywhere allows you to change monitoring settings, perform on-demand email log deliveries, remotely uninstall or clear logs, and even suspend/resume monitoring with ease.

Invisible Remote Administration - Keep an Eye on Users from Afar

SpyAnywhere allows you to enable SpyAgent's built-in direct-connection remote desktop feature and lets you take control of the monitored computer from your remote location so you can perform administration tasks. SpyAnywhere allows you to use the desktop in real-time, and close open windows, websites, and programs that the user may be interacting with. SpyAnywhere allows you to remotely manage the computer's file system, lockdown the computer, and effectively control the computer as if you were sitting in front of it.

SpyAnywhere's Product Categories: Remote Monitoring, Remote Administration