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Thanks for helping sort this out, by the way! Great product. We've tried a few and so far, this beats the pants off the competition :)


Thank you so much for all your help. I was doubting my purchase earlier today. No doubts now. Thanks again and have a GREAT NIGHT


I have been using your product now for about a year. I have bought a couple of packages from you and they prove continuously to be imperative to my organisation. Furthermore your technical staff are second to none!!!.... they ALWAYS respond so quickly and they are always on the ball....


Thank You!!

Everything works correctly now. I love your product!!

name witheld

The customer service is really great and I look forward to dealing with you guys again in the near or distant future.

Thanks again,

On a side note, I setup an install of Spyagent for one of our Radiologist's on his home computer and he was ecstatic about the control that it gives him over his station and 'younger users' with wandering eyes. ;)

It has allowed him and his wife to keep tighter reigns on the type of use the family computer gets.

Once again, thank you!

Hi Nathan, This is just a letter to thank you very much for your help. If anybody deserves an award its you. Thanks so much for your help.


thank you so much for your help.
excellent customer support. A+++, 10, 5 stars etc...


Love the program!!!!!!

Paul :-)

Your software is great and I look forward to checking into your other products and possibly purchasing some more of them in the future ....

Thanks, Keep up the excellent job!!!

name witheld

First off, let me say that NetVizor has been a wonderful piece of software. In the few days the small business I work for has had it in place on a few select PCs, we've monitored several incidents of users installing (or trying to install) unauthorized software on our business PCs.

Thank you for a great software package.

Shawn H.

So far so good! The problem seems to be solved with the IP notification. Thank you for persitance in resloving this manner. Great service!


Nathan, I am very pleased with the way you and you staff have treated me gettings these bugs of mine worked out. A favorable customer testimony could be yours if you want. This software helps with the parent monitoring that should always be present when kids are on the internet.


Hello Nathan. First I would like to say that previous versions of your software that I have purchased have been outstanding. I have recomended you to otheres who have also purchased different software bundles from you.

My brother also purchased several of your products that he uses at the company he works for. He also been very pleased with them.


Thanks for your assistance. The software is working just fine now...coolest stuff I have ever seen! Very good product!! Thanks

Gene S.

Thank you for your fast reply. You guys rock. I too do technical support and understand how difficult it can be to deliver a timely response.


The problem was solved and everything was handled promptly and easily (for me!).Best tech support I have ever had. Thank you.


You guys have been the best. Your customer service has been superb.

Thanks a million,

Firstly many thanks for a fast response, the customer support from Spytech has always been remarkable.


Thanks! now THAT is service! :-)


Im totally happy with this logger, it was the best one in my opinion of all the keylogger demos i downloaded and tried. What convinced me to get this one was the ability to remorely deploy the keylogger software in the stealth edition.


Thanks man, great software!


Thanks for allowing me to finally find out why my secretary was not getting her work done. Great software and I am telling many others about it, including my divorce clients.


Thanks for your help. I have been very impressed with the product and your service. This has been a great help in policing the children (and myself!). Just knowing the Agent is their keeps us all within our agreed upon standards.


Amazing software! Did anybody tell you - you are a complete superstar!!!!!! thank you mate..

Barry D.

THANKS very much for allowing this exchange for my dumb mistake! Both of the order numbers are listed below. I read someplace that how a company handles exceptions determines whether that company is exceptional. Your's is definitely EXCEPTIONAL!

Thanks again,

Just wanted to say wow...your product is far superior.


You all are really fast on support! And I appreciate that. When I used , I never got a response to my question, even after a day. It looks like they copied most of your program but they are not near as good as Realtime-Spy.

Keep up the good work!
Ron M.

Thanks Nathan. We are going to use this program to protect our company assets. We need to make sure no one is stealing our code or any of our information along with making sure employees are actually working. We have used your program in the past and it was very effective.

Thank you,
Jay W.

Thanks a bunch. I'll keep on sending more business your way.


After researching other monitoring software alternatives I found NetVizor's superior functionality and ease of implementation to be just what we needed. Incorporating the use of NetVizor into our policies and procedures reduced non-work related web surfing to zero. NetVizor freed up much needed bandwidth for other applications and immediately increased our employee productivity. The return on investment was immediate and continues to benefit our bottom line every day.

David M.
Advanced Background Check, Inc.

Thanks for your immediate responses to ALL my e-mails. Your tech. support/customer help services are out of this world!!!!! I finally have ALL the information I need and look forward to using your "SpyAgent" program combind with stealth e-mail. And it is really great to start it with the confidence that I will have great customer support when I need it.
My COMPLIMENTS to the Spyware program.


We just finished installing the 5 users at our client and after seeing the results they were so happy that the supervisor exclaimed "this alone is worth the price!" We got to be heroes today! Thank you! Great product!


I've been using SpyAgent for a month or so and love the product.


Your software has really helped me be informed with what is going on with my kids. The first day, I learned of a plan to skip school and a big drinking party planned that night. I was able to stop these from happening without letting on to your software. This needs to be in every home.and I'd love to help parents in my area to use it.

John M.

Your product has kept my teenager in a "managable" position. Right now he thinks I have some kind of supernatural "mom" powers. So let me say thank you! And again, it was a booboo on my part - this is what happens when I quit smoking, and decide to spy on my teenager all in the same week!

Your time and attention will not be forgotten!

Tina F.

Thank you very much!!! I'm very impressed with your "customer is always right ways." I will be refering everone I know to you. Thank you again so much!!!!!!!!!


Thanks again for your time! You have had excellent customer service now and in the past and its much appriciated.


Thank you, this is exactly what I needed. Would recommend this product to anyone!!!

name witheld

I have used Realtime-Spy now for several years and I must say it has been very handy in monitering my childrens daily activies on the internet and while viewing who they are chatting with so they don't become involved with someone that shouldn't be talking to while chatting online. I really would like to help out your company and other parents that feel the same way I do about protecting their children while of course also making some money on the side, who couldn't use a little extra money laying around when you have kids!!!


I would also like to take this opportunity to say first class service I am really impressed with your speedy response and assistance. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to my friends and colleagues.


I just wanted to say thanks. The level of customer service I received to date has been nothing short of amazing. You guys are doing things right, and obviously understand customer service much better than most software companies.

Thanks again. I look forward to using your product. If it is even half as good as the level of your customer service, it will do a great job.

Tom P.

I really appreciate the rapid response. A GREAT product with excellent customer care. Top notch operation.

Rob G.
VERY Satisfied Customer

thanks, all works now - you guys are great. I use this to monitor my kids Internet usage, Every parent should know about this. thanks again - your support team is wonderful.

Steve M.

I believe your product helped us keep our youngest off drugs. WE were right on top of what was going on.

my husband and i have said maybe when our son is 30 we will tell him how we knew what was going on and when. Your product very well may have saved his life. one of his friends died of an overdose last nov. 4 others were arrested 2 years ago. 3 are still on probation the 4th one is in state prison. these are all great kids just got messed up with the wrong stuff. your product really gave us an INSIDE to what was going on. EVery parent of a preteen or teenager should have it on their computer. feel free to use my name if anyone needs a testimonial to your product.
We do reccommend your product to our friends.

Marilyn P.

To Whom It May Concern,
I want to let you know that your software was instrumental in my catching my husband at several things. First and foremost, he was viewing pornography that had very upsetting titles to me. Although not true "child" porn, the titles included illegal ages. He's been hitting "married but looking" websites too!

Once I knew the depth of what was going on, I copied the hard drive and sent the original to a "computer forensic" person. My 15 year old daughter and I are on our way to exiting a potentially dangerous relationship.

name witheld

The help provided to resolve my recent problem was exceptional. Your staff member was quick to respond and guided me through the resolution process. I expected this process to take several day when in fact it took less than 48 hours. Thanks again to the entire team

Joe V.

You rock man! Thx for your quick response

Have a good one,

I bought SpyAgent a few months ago on-line. It downloaded and worked fine. Helped me "discover" some stuff about my kids and helped greatly in correcting behavior....thanks!

Shawn H.

You have some GREAT software. My girlfriend's son visited for a couple months and pretty much camped out on KAZAA. Within a month or so after he left that computer was rendered virtually useless. I was groaning at the prospect of having to wipe it clean and load everything all over again. I bought your software, loaded it...and the pop-up demons have been purged! CPU usage is back to normal. Thanks! This is good stuff. I tried the "free versions" and they didn't do the trick. Your's did.

Dr. David V.

One other thing, your software works perfectly. In fact, I discovered my girlfriend has been cheating on me for as long as we have been dating. Even worse, she picked up the pace once she moved in with me. Thanks for the help. I've repeatedly asked her about some of her behavior that's made me wonder and she's repeatedly explained it away or flat-out lied to me. Your product has provided exactly what I needed, and I'm only sorry that I've had to use it to protect myself. You can use this paragraph however you wish.

David H.

I do want to say that it is a beutiful piece of software and keep up the good work.

name witheld

Many thanks for taking the time to reply - appreciated. I have done some testing and this is a very impressive product - we will be ordering it very shortly.

Mike H.

Nathan, I recommend your product to all my clients that wants to know what's going on with their business.


Thanks for putting out such a great program -- I have no reservations about turning my kids loose on the net knowing that I can track their every move! It puts us parents back in the driver's seat when it comes to an otherwise scary place for our kids -- the Internet!

Todd N.

thank you very much! You guys are all awesome!

Mike C.

Great product. Have minimal problems and Nathan has been quick to correct.'

name witheld

Nathan, your quick response to my support questions is much appreciated. I can't get support like this from most of the larger companies I deal with.Thanks again!

Bud P.

That got it Nathan. Thanks again for the prompt reply. I wish all of the software I buy would come with such great support! :-)

Craig L.

Fantastic product!! Got the snippet of information required to get rid of an abusive employee.
Thanks again for your help.


Thank you for an excellent service and ultra fast support.

name witheld

you guys are the best! I tried another program first and you needed to be a computer engineer to use it!fast service, easy to use, highly recommend!

name witheld

Your promptness of service and support is fantastic. I recommened you to many of my peers in the Information Security field. Thanks for a great product!

William B.

Very impressed with the speed of response and the instructions given were easy to follow and worked perfectly. Thank you Spytech! :)

name witheld

I am very happy that ur service is very good (excellent). I wish u good luck


Very happy, discussing with Boss about becoming a reseller for the schools here in New Zealand.

name witheld

The respons time of the support is very good and the answers are short but professional so my problem was clear and solved in no time.a satisfied custumer!


As a professional, i enjoyed alot installing this product. User guide is excelent and user friendly, and tech support is just great ! You did a great job, guys!

name witheld

Many thanks for your atention... Continuation for a good work! ;)

Good Luck!

Good Luck,
Adrian L.

Thank you very much. Your helpdesk is really a big A+ so far, it works fast and efficient. Very good.

Yours Sincerely,
Willem W.

Thank you so much for all of your help and quick responses. You're the best!


Dear Nathan:
First of all, I wanted to congratulate you and your staff on the incredibly fast turn around time for service requests. Day or night, your people are right there, every time.


Thanks for all of your help! This is great if you think your teenagers are not being fully honest. :)


thanks so much for this product! It works great


Thank you very much!
I think your products are very well engineered and are useful as hell in a real-world IT environment.

Jim H.
Workstation Support Technician
Solectron Texas


With the help of SpyTech,
I have been able to give proof that harrasment happened to my daughter from one in her class..

I also have to say, that i am honored to be a reseller of your products, and you also give a superb service, when things are getting diffcult.. My best compliments to you and your company.

Jan-Frode B.

This program has been a very useful tool to me for what I was looking for. Great job and program!

Janet N.


Thanks again for all of your help. I received my upgrade just fine and I am very grateful. SpyAgent has been a very useful tool in this household. I have a sixteen year old son and a thirteen year old daughter, he has a wondering eye, and I use SpyAgent to see what I need to block him from. My daughter on the other hand is a good girl, it's the outside element I have to watch, some of her friends have sent her things that were inappropriate, this helps me identify those children that we don't want associating with ours. I recommend your software whenever I can, I know of a few parents that have taken my advice ... Anyway, thanks again, you have been a Godsend .

Talmadge P.


I'm just writing to say that your SpyAgent software is one of the best I've tried. I played around with a program called , mainly because of it's remote-installation capabilities. Only to discover that won't let Windows XP shut down properly unless it's task is ended. And I tried programs by , but their user-interfaces were lacking in many areas and needlessly complex. And then I tried your product. Firstly I appreciate the fact that you can evaluate the product before purchasing, and secondly I really like it's advanced reporting features. So I would just like to say congratulations, a job well done.

Cory M.

The Tech Support was outstanding! We requested help in the evening, and the answer was received shortly after midnight.Your product was recommneded on Fred Langa\'s Langalist. It is taking us seniors a little while to fully understand all of the features, but we are slowly getting it. We have recommeded SpamAgent to two other parties.

name witheld

This was the quickest turn around of any support I have seen, Completely answered my questions. Excellent

name witheld

Thanks for the file. That is really outstanding customer service. Unbelievable! Thanks again for the great support. I will certainly recommend your product.

Lang S.

The program looks Excellent Im just waiting for the user to log on to check it out thanks for making such a useful program I am now at rest!

name witheld

I beleive this is the best software I've seen for protecting your children and for peace of mind.

name witheld

all services were excellent. i appreciate your prompt and correct response on a saturday.

John K.

Have found the software very good at obtaining the information I was looking for. Could have saved me $12,000 in dowry!!

Steve W.

Your software worked great! I found out my wife is sleeping with her boss and I no longer require your services. I would like to have my membership canceled. I AM NOT asking for a refund.

name witheld

ok first of all i just wanna say your softares is the absolute best!!! lol tahnk you again for this KICK ASS software you guys RULE!!!!

Mike P.

Trully excellent service and my sincere thanks. Perhaps you should diversify your skills into educating the world web markets on how great customer service can be achieved, If you wish to use this in your marketing please feel free.

Brian W.

Thank you for your timely response, for 80 bucks, that is something i expect, and so far you guys are worth every penny and more.


As advertized, it worked perfect. Very easy to install and deploy. I have allready suggested it's use to several other people.

Thank you,

Nathan,Thank you for the incredibly fast response to my question/problem. I love using SpyAgent to keep track of activity on my computer. The features are very useful and easy to set-up for exactly what the user needs.Thanks again

name witheld

Every time I have had any questions or problems SpyTech support has always been prompt and accurate with there response.They have never left any question or part of any question go unanswered. I would recomend this software to anyone with the need to monitor a computer. The software is great and the support is equal in quality.


Hello, my name is Branka Simic, I am IT specialyst, working in IBM mainframe surrounding, with rich experience in appl and systems programming (batch and online), analysis, maintenance, tunning, problem solving and advising over 25 years. I would like to tell u that i am amazyng with ur software and way of communication, as well with support and user manuals. Really perfect job u done! I have never seen such proffesional stuff , so clear and easy to understand.

Wishing u all the best, ur recent costumer,
Branka S.

Thanks. the product is awsome, I just sold a copy for you to a friend :) he will be ording today or tomorrow.

Kevin J.

Hi Nathan:

It is a real pleasure to count with someone like you as a provider.

thanks a lot & best regards
Cristian F.

I bought your product as a safety net for my children and found they were bypassing the parental controls by using a file sharing program (WinMX) to access certain websites. Your product was worth every penny.

Don B.

Dear Sirs
I've been sending e-mails showing how unsatisfied i am , and i was always stating that your software is not that good ,, but today am sending this e-mail to tell you that i was wrong , i admire your software Realtime-Spy . it is really the best i am so satisfied with it and its working the way i want , not to mention your support people who are doing really good ,

thanks alot for your support

Rami H.

Thank You very much for your assistance. You've been very helpful and I apologize for being such a menace requiring so much of assistance. But I will say this much about your program. It is everything that you advertise it to be and much more. I have found it extremely informational and have referred it to many of my friends including internet friends! I also find the program reasonably priced considering all that the program has to offer. I am sure that I will purchase more of your products in the future! Once again thank you very much!

Satisfied Customer,

Love your product. Wanted you to know that I tried 6 different software packages for my home PC and yours is absolutely the best. I have already recommended it to 3 other people who were looking for such a product. The interface is amazingly easy and intuitive, the data which is captured far exceeded my expectations and is extremely easy to retrieve.

name witheld

Thank you for your quick response! :) I have told my friends about your products. Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price - much less than other ones I checked into!!!

Thanks again,

Thanks for the great work............monitoring my kids Hotmail will make me feel better

Hank R.

I love my spy agent I have teenagers and with SpyAgent. I don't have to worry about where they go on the internet. This is a great product.

Kevin D.

Thank you Nathan...I appreciate all your help since i purchased the've been great in getting back to me with all my questions and because of that, I have recommended your product to many parents and friends.

Linda S.

Thanks For the GREAT prog.


Thanks to your product I was able to find out what was actually going on and as a result I am leaving my wife. I can't thank you enough.

name witheld

just wanted to let you know how great of a job your doing and would like to congradulate you guys, great work on protecting us all :).

Matt H.

I was very impressed with your rapid response, at that time of night. I work in the computer industry, and frequently contact technical support on various products. Your response time was exemplary.

Dave D.

In this day and age of internet rip off scams it is refreshing to have done business with such a reputable company as yours.

Thank you,


that fixed it - go ask for a pay rise, you deserve it :):)


Just wanted to say thanks for all the support. Your software is top-drawer, as are your support practices. Kudos guys.

Kevin S.
Systems Architect
CSG Systems, Inc.

Hey you guys, I just wanted to say that SpyAgent is incredible! Caught my spouse cheating with it...and no, I'm not happy about that, but think how much longer it could've gone on.

By the way, I am a programmer. Still, very impressed!!! I've told many about it.

Thanks a million,
name witheld

Thanks again! You have a great product.


Thank you for getting back to me promptly. This did resolve my problem. So far I am very pleased with you product. It has met all of my expectations.

Adam M.

Thanks for your rapid response Nathan, very much appreciated. It shows your firm is commited to speedy service and I will now recommend that my friends all visit your site and do business with you.

David B.

Thanks for your help with Spyagent4. I have the program installed and running and it works beautifully. I really appreciate your fast response to my problems.

Best Regards,
John M.

I must say it is an excellent program, I don't even think a computer "techie" could find it - very impressive...


this was the easiest software package to install. Fantastic results already.


By the way, I just wanted to comment on the excellent workmanship and how smooth this program is. I haven't felt a single misfire in my testing of it.


I would just like to thank you for the extremely fast and efficient service that you gave to me regarding my software problem. Its been a pleasure doing business with your company. and I will be upgrading in the near future. Thanks again for your "GREAT" service.

Wayne Z.

Good morning, my name is Christopher Kearns and I work in Wakefield MA at a company called Darwin Partners. I would like to thank you for you great help last week when I was ordering software from you. I was surprised to receive the great level of customer service especially considering it was midnight when I requested your help.

Thank you again for your extra efforts and help.

Christopher K.

Wow! Didn't expect an answer that quick with it being so late! Thanks are a life saver! This is SUPER software!


Just a word of appreciation on your immediate attention in providing me with an upgrade from Spyanywhere 1.50 to 2.0. I am very pleased with your outstanding service and support, and i look forward to purchasing more Spytech products in the near future.

George L.

I will keep buying your upgrades cause you are the greatest support dude of any product I've ever used. Thank you for being so great. Keep up the good work.


Thank you so much for your reply. I purchased the program, ran tests, and is now running smoothly. I am so impressed with this software.

My thanks to the developers - with this software, I will be able to ensure my future is a secure and loyal one with my fiancee. (it's not looking good)

But hat's off to the team or individual that developed spyagent!!!! My heros!!

name witheld

My name is Brian K. and several months ago.. we purchased your quality spy agent program. Everything was working FANTASTICALLY... I must say that you have really produced a very quality product and have recommended it to several of our friends that have teenage kids.

Brian K.

wow!! i love your support, i did not think you guys would reply to my questions, thanks alot.. well as i mention i have kids (2 boys) and i am realy loving this software much better than , but i have one more question and then i will purchase it one i get your reply.

name witheld