What is Spy Software?

How is our software different from spyware? How can it benefit you?

By now, you have probably read news articles about spyware and how its plaguing internet users. Many times spy software is confused with spyware - this page will clear up the difference between the two.

At its most basic definition, spyware is software technology that gathers information about a computer user with or without their knowledge. Typically, this type of spyware is also known as adware. This software is often installed along with other software installations - it piggybacks onto your system - usually without you knowing at all. This software then reports back what websites you frequent, what your interests are, demographic information, and more to the creators of the spyware. This information is then sold to marketing companies and other interested parties. This is NOT what our spy software does.

Computer monitoring software, also known as Spy software, is used to monitor or record all activities occurring on a users computer. This software is installed directly by the user wanting to perform the monitoring - rather than hiding it on top of another software installation. Spy software can be loaded intentionally by the purchaser of the software, or from an attachment in an email. Our spy software can be configured to alert the user they are being monitored, or it can run totally invisible to the user. Our spy software can record nearly every aspect of what a user does on their computer - but it is never reported to anyone else but the actual purchaser of the software.

Who Uses Spy software?

Our spy software is actively used by concerned parents, worried spouses, government offices, corporate networks, and educational institutions. Spytech has helped countless businesses, educational institutions, parents, and spouses put their mind at ease over how their computers are being used. With our spy software, all activities can be tracked to be used for incrimination in case a user abuses their computer privileges - or it can be used as a visible deterrent from performing inappropriate activities, if the software is configured to alert users they are being monitored.

How can Spy Software Benefit You?

By now you might be wondering how spy software could work for you. Here are some possible scenarios that you might fall into.

Parental Control

As a parent, you always wonder about how your child uses the computer. With our software you do not need to wonder anymore. All usage is logged: internet connections, websites visited, windows opened, emails, conversations, everything they typed, and so forth. Now you will be able to view and moderate your child's computer usage. Our software also allows for content filtering to restrict your children from viewing inappropriate websites, applications, and more.

Spousal Monitoring

Our computer monitoring software can be used to help instill and reinforce trust in your marriage. Our software can be installed onto your computer and can quickly give you the peace of mind that your spouse is remaining faithful to you. Our software should be used by couples that have a mutual agreement and understanding to using our computer monitoring software to reinforce trust and faithfulness in their marriage.

Our monitoring software can also be used to help spouses with a pornography addiction by holding them accountable as they strive to recover from their addiction by keeping accurate website and internet usage logs.

Business Administration and Employee Monitoring

Our spy software can be used for employee monitoring. It can make sure employees stay on task and do not abuse business machines and work time. Monitoring policies can be set in place to let employees know that they may be being watched.

Network Security and Asset Protection

Our spy software can be used to protect network security and secure assets. Our software can alert you when users transfer confidential files - whether via email, FTP, or to a portable drive. Our software can alert you when unwanted behaviors occur, and also block them from potentially harming your network, or creating lost assets and trade-secrets.


With our spy software running on school/institutional workstations, machine abuse and misuse is a thing of the past. Actions can be tracked down to individual users according to the time and date in which they happened, and can be saved to convenient logs for incrimination.

Personal Control and File Backup

If privacy is a concern of yours, then our software can help. You can enable our software while you go away from the computer and all activities while your away are logged. Spy software can even be used to save documents that have been lost due to system crashes - if you have the keystroke monitoring enabled!

Is Spy Software Legal?

Absolutely. Our monitoring software is legal as long as the purchaser installs it on a computer they own themselves. If a purchaser installs the software on a computer they do not own then they may be violating state and federal laws. If you are worried about this, please consult your local and state laws.