Product Upgrade Center

Here you will be able to purchase upgrades for the software you are currently using.

Check the following table to see if you are eligible for a free upgrade to the latest major version. If you qualify, or have purchased our lifetime upgrade warranty, you can download for free from here.

Product Current Major Version Free if Purchased After...
SpyAgent 13.x January 1, 2022
NetVizor 10.x January 1, 2023
Realtime-Spy 9.x March 1, 2019
Realtime-Spy for Mac 4.x March 1, 2019
Keystroke Spy 5.x April 1, 2018
Keystroke Spy for Mac 2.x June 1, 2018

Click a link below to purchase an upgrade for your software if you have purchased within the last 3 years. This upgrade will cover all minor upgrades as well until the next major version release. Upgrade pricing is per computer, with the exception of NetVizor, which covers 5 computers per upgrade license.

Product Price Purchase
SpyAgent 13.x Upgrade $35.00 Buy Now
NetVizor 10.x Upgrade (per 5 Computers) $99.95 Buy Now
Keystroke Spy 5.x Upgrade $25.00 Buy Now
Keystroke Spy Mac 2.x Upgrade $25.00 Buy Now
Realtime-Spy Standard to PLUS Upgrade $30.00 Buy Now
Realtime-Spy 9.x Upgrade $35.00 Buy Now
Realtime-Spy Mac 4.x Upgrade $35.00 Buy Now