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Realtime-Spy Mac Updated! (2.7 to 2.8)
Posted on 11.17.16

Realtime-Spy Mac has been upgraded to version 2.8. This update improves Realtime-Spy's overall performance and addresses compatibility issues with macOS Sierra and Safari 10.

SpyAgent Updated! (9.0 to 9.1)
Posted on 10.06.16

SpyAgent has been upgraded to version 9.1. This update improves SpyAgent's microphone audio logging, activity log delivery via FTP, and addresses several minor bugs.

Keystroke Spy 4.0 Released!
Posted on 08.11.16

Keystroke Spy is an extremely powerful keystroke logger and activity viewer. Keystroke Spy, while being able to log all keystrokes typed by users without them knowing, can also capture screenshots of all their activities. Keystroke Spy 4.0 offers an improved easy-to-use graphical user interface that features new and improved log viewers and log management. Screen capturing and stealth operation is enhanced in Keystroke Spy's latest version.

Realtime-Spy 8.0 Released!
Posted on 07.15.16

Realtime-Spy 8.0 is the latest release of our popular, cloud-based, remotely-installable computer spy software. Realtime-Spy's newest version offers improved stealth operation, keystroke logging, and real-time desktop screenshot viewing. Member's area enhancements have been made, and overall monitoring performance is improved.

SpyAnywhere 6.0 Released!
Posted on 05.01.16

SpyAnywhere 6.0 offers a handful of new features, improvements, and fixes over its previous versions. SpyAnywhere's SpyAgent integration has been improved with easier log viewing and log management. SpyAnywhere's interface has received a new facelift, making it much more intuitive to both new and current users.

SpyAgent 9.0 Released!
Posted on 01.06.16

SpyAgent 9.0 is the latest version of our powerful flagship computer monitoring software. SpyAgent 9.0 introduces text message/SMS activity alerts, improved log filtering and management, program monitoring exclusions, email and FTP log delivery enhancements, and more. Powered by an updated intuitive user interface, SpyAgent 9.0 offers countless new features and enhancements that raise the bar for computer spy software.

NetVizor Updated! (8.1 to 8.15)
Posted on 09.22.15

NetVizor has been upgraded to version 8.15. This update improves compatibility with Windows 10 and the Microsoft Edge web-browser.

Realtime-Spy Updated! (7.15 to 7.2)
Posted on 08.05.15

Realtime-Spy has been upgraded to version 7.2. This update improves compatibility with Windows 10 and the Microsoft Edge web-browser.

SpyAgent Updated! (8.5 to 8.51)
Posted on 07.31.15

SpyAgent has been upgraded to version 8.51. This update improves compatibility with Windows 10 and the Microsoft Edge web-browser.

NetVizor Updated! (8.0 to 8.1)
Posted on 07.01.15

NetVizor has been upgraded to version 8.1. This update improves log report generation and introduces the option for saving spreadsheet copies of reports. The ability to have NetVizor generate a behavior alert when files over a set size are used has been added.

SpyAgent Updated! (8.4 to 8.5)
Posted on 05.05.15

SpyAgent has been upgraded to version 8.5. This update addresses a bug that caused behavior alert notifications to fail to work for some users, while improving chat logging, traffic log viewing, and automatic archiving.

SpyAnywhere Updated! (5.3 to 5.4)
Posted on 04.14.15

SpyAnywhere has been upgraded to version 5.4. This update improves SpyAnywhere's stealth operation.

Keystroke Spy Updated! (3.3 to 3.4)
Posted on 04.07.15

Keystroke Spy has been upgraded to version 3.4. This update addresses several minor bugs and improves stealth operation.

Realtime-Spy Mobile Updated! (1.5 to 1.6)
Posted on 03.31.15

Realtime-Spy Mobile has been upgraded to version 1.6. This update improves the online member's area with log file archiving abilities and faster photo capture viewing.

Realtime-Spy Updated! (7.1 to 7.15)
Posted on 02.01.15

Realtime-Spy has been upgraded to version 7.15. This update improves keystroke logging and addresses a bug that affected keystroke logging for some users.

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Realtime-Spy Mac 2.8

SpyAgent 9.1

Keystroke Spy 4.0

Realtime-Spy 8.0

SpyAnywhere 6.0

NetVizor 8.15

Realtime-Spy Mobile 1.6

SentryPC 3.0

Keystroke Spy Mac 1.6

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