Spytech Realtime-Spy 8.1 - What's New?

Read below to see what's new in the latest version of Realtime-Spy.

Realtime-Spy 8.1 offers a handful of new features that further establish itself as the most full-featured remotely installable computer monitoring software available anywhere. Read below to see what is new in Realtime-Spy's latest release.

Logging and Monitoring Enhancements
Real-time Log Updates

Realtime-Spy now updates all of its activity logs in real-time, as the activities occur. There are no longer 5-10 minute delays between log updates.

Real-time Screenshot Viewing

Realtime-Spy allows you to see what users are doing at all times with screenshots that update constantly, allowing you to see what is happening on your computer from anywhere via your Realtime-Spy webspace.

Improved Real-time Activity Viewing

Realtime-Spy will show you what actions users are performing in real-time. Realtime-Spy will show you when a user has opened or closed a program, opened or printed a document, created or deleted a file, viewed a window, or visited a website at the same instant the user performs the action. Real-time monitoring is effortless with Realtime-Spy's web-based viewing system.

Improved Real-time Keystrokes Viewing

Realtime-Spy can show you what users are typing, as they type, in real-time. Realtime-Spy will show you what window they are typing in, and at what time they started typing in the window.

Improved Chat Conversations Logging

Realtime-Spy now logs chat conversations made on the latest versions of Skype, AOL (including 9.0 and Optimized), ICQ (Pro and Lite versions), AIM, GoogleTalk, XFire, Excite Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger.

Computer Usage Logging

Realtime-Spy now logs computer usage sessions. Realtime-Spy will show you exactly how long users were active and idle during each session they use your computer.

Improved Application and Website Usage Logging

Realtime-Spy now accurately tracks how long applications and websites are actively interacted with each time they are used.

Location Tracking

Realtime-Spy will track the location of your computer, showing where it is, and where it has been.

Events Timeline

Realtime-Spy can now show you what actions users have performed in the chronological order that they were performed. Realtime-Spy will show you when programs were opened and closed, when documents were printed and viewed, when files were created and deleted, when websites were visited, and more.

Viewing and Ease of Use Enhancements
Graphical Top 10 Reports

Realtime-Spy can display intuitive graphical Top 10 charts for computer usage (total active and idle user time), file usage, window usage, internet connections, application usage, and website usage.

Online Module Creation

Realtime-Spy gives you the ability to create logging modules to be installed on your computer by using the module creation feature in your online webspace. Online module creation allows you to always stay updated with the latest version of Realtime-Spy's monitoring engine without having to reinstall the Realtime-Spy configuration software on your computer.

Remote Uninstall

Realtime-Spy can be remotely uninstalled and removed from the monitored computer from anywhere, via your online Realtime-Spy account.

Online Logging Configuration

Realtime-Spy can be configured online through your secure website, allowing you to change monitoring settings on the fly whenever you need to.

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