Spytech SpyAgent 13 - What's New?

Read below to see what's new in the latest version of SpyAgent.

SpyAgent 13 heralds many new exciting features that raise the bar for computer monitoring and spy software. SpyAgent's latest incarnation brings many, many new features to the table and they all cannot be listed below, but please read on to check out some of SpyAgent's new key features.

Ease of Use Enhancements
Interface Enhancements

SpyAgent's interface has been given an extensive face-lift. It has been modified to be more organized, intuitive, and easier to learn and use. Logs are easily sortable and organized by date and username. SpyAgent's log viewers have been combined into one organized viewing window that allows you to quickly toggle between various logs with a single click. Graph displays quickly show you what days and hours users have been most active with a single click.

Enhanced Log Management

SpyAgent's new log viewers include built-in features that allow you to quickly sort and organize log data, cross-reference and link related log information together, search logs for keywords, filter specific events, add log items to content filtering, and create easy to read log reports. Gone are the days of trying to sort through endless lists of log data looking for specific and related log events.

Enhanced Log Reporting

SpyAgent offers new log report features that allow you to easily create sleek log reports for printing and viewing. Reports include "Top 10" usage reports, log specific reports, and log summary reports. A daily report can be generated to show you all activities from specific days you select. Reports can be created based on all log data, single dates, or for a range of dates.

Improved Remote Log Delivery

SpyAgent's Email and FTP log delivery features now allow you to receive only new activities that have been recorded since the last report was sent. File usage logs are now able to be included in your log deliveries.

Cloud Access and Real-time Remote Log Viewing

SpyAgent's monitoring settings can be accessed and changed online via the SpyAnywhere Cloud. The SpyAnywhere Cloud allows you to perform on-demand log report delivery via email, suspend and resume logging, clear logs, and uninstall SpyAgent remotely. Premium SpyAnywhere Cloud users (click here for details) can view SpyAgent's logs in real-time from anywhere via their SpyAnywhere Cloud account.

Logging and Monitoring Enhancements
Microphone Audio Recording

SpyAgent can now tell you what is happening around your computer by recording incoming audio from your computer's microphone. Chat conversations over the microphone can also be recorded. SpyAgent will trigger audio recording when user-specified sound volume thresholds are met, allowing you to control how sensitive your recordings are.

Webcam Capture Recording

SpyAgent can now show you what is happening around your computer by recording images with your computer's webcam. Webcam captures can be set to be captured as often as you need.

Content and Category-based Web Filtering

SpyAgent's web filter is no longer limited to just blocking websites based on keywords contained in website addresses. SpyAgent can now block websites that contain specific keywords, and block by category - such as gaming, dating, file sharing, or pornography. When SpyAgent blocks a website, you can configure it to either close the web-browser completely, or return the user to their home page.

Improved Keystroke Logging

SpyAgent's keystroke logging has been improved so that it ensures all keystrokes typed are recorded as they appear to the user - such as symbols typed in passwords, and keystrokes typed while Shift or Caps Lock is enabled.

Improved Events Logging

Perhaps SpyAgent's most-powerful and useful logging mechanism, the events timeline has been greatly improved. The events timeline shows everything the user did, in chronological order. The events timeline has been improved to include entries for keystrokes typed, mouse clicks, computer sleep and awake events, and email activities. By looking at this single log, you can quickly determine what users did on your computer.

Improved Behavior Alerts Notifications

SpyAgent's behavior alert notifications can now be configured to include a screenshot of the user's desktop. This allows you to see exactly what they were doing when the behavior alert was triggered. SpyAgent can also send alerts when specific windows and programs are in use.

Text/SMS Alert Notifications

SpyAgent can send you alert notifications via text message/sms to your mobile device so you can be instantly alerted when unwanted behaviors occur on your PC.

Screenshot Capturing

SpyAgent's screenshot logging system can be configured to increase its capture frequency when windows are viewed that contain certain keywords in their captions. The capture frequency then returns to normal after the window that triggered the increase is no longer in use. Screenshot captures can be viewed in SpyAgent's built-in viewer that categorizes screenshots based on content they contain - such as webmail screenshots, social networking activities, website activity, and more. The screenshot viewer can be toggled between a tile display for quickly viewing all screenshots at once, and a text list view. Screenshots now include the mouse cursor, and multiple displays are auto-detected when capturing.

Program Exclusions

SpyAgent can be configured to ignore specific programs so actions in these programs are ignored, and not monitored or recorded.

Improved Logging and Security - As a Whole

SpyAgent's logging system has been improved as a whole. Many tweaks and modifications were made to SpyAgent's monitoring process to make it more efficient, detailed, comprehensive, and secure. For example, if a third-party program removes key components, SpyAgent will automatically reinstall them. Security optimizations for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11 have been added. SpyAgent does not appear in the Task Manager on 64-bit Windows computers.

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