SpyAnywhere Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find common questions about our SpyAnywhere Cloud service.

SpyAnywhere Cloud Member's Login

Yes, SpyAnywhere Cloud is a service that allows you to remotely view SpyAgent's activity logs in real-time from anywhere via the SpyAnywhere website, as well as remotely change SpyAgent's settings, and more. SpyAgent must be installed on the computer you want to monitor remotely, and configured to connect to your SpyAnywhere account.

To link SpyAgent to your account, click on 'Remote Log Viewing' in SpyAgent's main window, then enter your SpyAnywhere username/password and click 'Authorize Cloud Account' to link SpyAgent. When you resume monitoring, your computer will be listed in your account for viewing. For step-by-step linking instructions please login to your SpyAnywhere account and click on the Help icon in the top right menu, then click 'Linking Instructions'.

All SpyAgent users can obtain a free SpyAnywhere Cloud account that allows for the remote management of settings, remote monitoring control, on-demand log reports, and more. Please visit the SpyAnywhere Cloud purchase page here to request a free account.

Yes, you can login to your SpyAnywhere Cloud account with any computer or device that has a modern web-browser and internet connection.

Your SpyAnywhere Cloud account information will be listed on your order receipt in the 'SpyAnywhere Cloud License Information' section.

Your account can store up to 500 screenshots and webcam captures at a time. When the limit is reached the oldest captures will be overwritten with the newest. Your storage capacity can be increased in 500 screenshot intervals, as well.

Log data and screenshots transmitted by SpyAgent are retained for 30 days from the date they are uploaded. Logs and screenshots can be archived/saved at any time, however, using the 'Archive' feature in your computer's dashboard.

To have your password reset please contact our 24/7 helpdesk here

Please ensure that SpyAgent's main program file (sysdiag.exe, in the SpyAgent install folder), is set to be allowed to connect to the Internet in any firewalls present on your computer.