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Thank you for contacting Spytech's Helpdesk! Before submitting a help ticket there are a few things you can do to speed up your ticket being addressed.

1. Have your Order ID/Reference number on hand - by entering your order ID in the appropriate ticket field saves us time confirming your order, looking up your order details, etc. You can lookup your order ID HERE.

2. Read the FAQ's to the right of this page first. Many common questions are addressed already in our Frequently Asked Questions lists. Also read the product documentation that comes with each product as well.

3. If you need a new download or upgrade and have an extended download warranty, please do not use the helpdesk - simply file a download request HERE.

4. If you need antivirus/antispyware exclusions and instructions so that you can use our software without any alerts, click HERE.

5. Please select the appropriate software title you are requesting support for when creating your help ticket. If a software title you are requesting support for is not listed it is because it is not supported by this helpdesk.
Non-software related questions should be filed under the 'General Support' option.

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