Getting Started with SpyAnywhere

SpyAnywhere has been designed to be extremely easy to use and configure. Setting up SpyAnywhere will only take you a few moments and then you will be ready to start monitoring! This quick guide will walk you through setting up and getting SpyAnywhere ready.

How SpyAnywhere works...

SpyAnywhere is a monitoring tool that runs in the background - meaning it does not interfere or get in the way of anything you do while working on your computer. If set to run in stealth, it runs in a completely invisible fashion. SpyAnywhere constantly waits for you to connect to it via your web-browser from another computer so it can perform the commands you issue to it.

For SpyAnywhere to work it must be running - if you close SpyAnywhere it will not be able to continue monitoring your computer. SpyAnywhere can be manually started at anytime by double clicking its icon in its installation folder.

Running SpyAnywhere for the first time

When you first launch SpyAnywhere after installation you will be prompted to set your SpyAnywhere password. You can change this password at anytime from the 'Settings' menu in the SpyAnywhere interface.

Activating and Deactivating Monitoring

Now that SpyAnywhere has its password set and logging features enabled, you can start monitoring. To do so click the 'Start Server button. If you have SpyAnywhere set to run in stealth mode already it will vanish from your desktop. Do not be alarmed - you can easily stop monitoring by pressing CONTROL+ALT+SHIFT+R on your keyboard. Now enter in your password at the SpyAnywhere prompt.

To restart monitoring click on 'Start Server' again.

Viewing Logs

Now that SpyAnywhere is running point your web-browser to http://ip-address, where ip-address is replaced by the actual IP address of the computer you have SpyAnywhere on. If you do not have SpyAnywhere set to run in stealth you can click on 'View Computer' to view the SpyAnywhere web interface as well.

For further information on viewing SpyAnywhere's web interface please see the viewing section.

Closing SpyAnywhere

If you are finished using SpyAnywhere simply click the 'X' in the top right of its user interface, or select 'Exit' from the 'Help' menu once you bring it out of stealth mode (if you have it set to run in stealth).

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