Security Restrictions

Server Restrictions
SpyAnywhere allows you to control what features you can use remotely in the SpyAnywhere web
interface - this is useful for multiple users having access to the remote PC to keep access at a minimum.

Password Protection
The SpyAnywhere server is password protected. Simply click on "Set SpyAnywhere Password " to change or set the server access password. You will need this password to stop the server, or to exit it during active mode as well.

IP Allowances
SpyAnywhere allows increased security by allowing you to specify a list of IP's that you only want to be able to access the server. All non-matching IP's are rejected from access!

In the IP Allowance List Configuration window, enter an IP, or IP stem ( or 123.123.123. for example) and click "Add Above IP to List".

To remove an IP, highlight it in the list and click "Remove Selected IP from List"

Make sure you save the list when you are done!

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