Remote Management Features

SpyAnywhere allows remote management of the remote PC you are connected to. Here is a
description of each of the remote management features.

You can view a listing of all running software on the remote machine while you are connected. Click on "Processes" in the SpyAnywhere web interface. By clicking on a listed program path you will terminate it from running!

You can view a list of all windows the user is looking at. Simply click on "Windows" in the SpyAnywhere web interface to view them. Click a window title to close it!

File System
By clicking on the "File System" command you can view the contents of the remote PC's file system. Browse the hard-drive to download,delete, and run files remotely!

Startup Registry Keys
View the software that loads when the remote PC boots by clicking on the "View Startup Registry Keys". Click a key value to remove it from the registry listing!

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