Viewing the Remote Computer

SpyAnywhere is very easy to use. All you need to do is install the software on the PC you wish to remotely view and monitor. Once the software is installed run spyanywhere.exe and simply set your password and press "Start Sever" to start the software up!

What is an IP?
First of all, before using SpyAnywhere you should be familiar with what an IP address is. In layman's terms, your IP is your 'phone number' on the Internet. An IP is a number, 12 digits maximum, that appears in the format (ie: a valid IP is Every PC on the Internet has an IP address. To use SpyAnywhere you need to know the IP address of the PC you are connecting to - luckily SpyAnywhere will always provide you the IP address you need to connect to!

Accessing the Remote PC
To access the remote PC you must have the IP address of the remote PC in hand. You can get
this IP manually from the machine(it is listed on the SpyAnywhere interface) or have it emailed to you via the IP delivery feature!

Once you have the IP simply enter in http://ip_address into your web-browser - where ip_address is replaced by the IP of the remote machine! (ie:

If you are physically on the computer running SpyAnywhere, and SpyAnywhere is not in stealth mode you can click on the "View Computer" button to view SpyAnywhere's web console.

Note: the IP must be correct, and the server must be in active mode (you must click "Start Server" to be able to access the remote PC). You can also connect to yourself using while on the computer SpyAnywhere is activated on.

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