IP Email Delivery

SpyAnywhere has the unique ability to allow you to have the remote PC IP address emailed to you
every time it updates. This allows you to constantly stay in contact with the remote PC. All you need to do is configure your email SMTP host (if you do not know this, contact your ISP or network administrator for help - mail.spytech-web.com is a SMTP host, for example) and a recipient address (most likely your e-mail address).

Setting it up
SMTP Host: This is your mail host that you use for your email clients. If you do not know this contact your ISP or system administrator.
Recipient: This is where the logs are delivered to. Most likely your own personal email address.
Mail From: This is the address where your mail will be sending from. It is a good idea to use
your own email address for this, or you can make up one (but this may not sometimes work well).
SMTP Authentication: configure this option if your email server requires outgoing authentication.

Frequent Questions
Here are some common questions users have about the email delivery process:
Q: Does SpyAnywhere use my email program to send the IP?
A: No - SpyAnywhere uses its own built in emailer - all emails are sent invisibly.

Q: I am using the default SpyAnywhere Email Delivery options with mail.spytech-web.com as my server but it will still not send, what's wrong?
A: Try changing your mail from and SMTP host address to the ones you use in your own email
software, such as Outlook Express. If you are using an ISP, like MSN, the logs may not send with mail.spytech-web.com as your server because MSN tends to block outside party email servers.

Q: Can I test the email delivery without having to wait every few minutes for SpyAnywhere to
automatically send?
A: Yes! Simply click "Test" in the IP Delivery setup screen! If the test worked you will receive an email with the IP!

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