Stealth Mode

SpyAnywhere can be set to run in complete stealth - just check the "Run in Stealth Mode" button
on the SpyAnywhere interface! SpyAnywhere will run totally silent without the user knowing!

Stopping Stealth Mode
Pressing CONTROL+ALT+SHIFT+R on your keyboard will stop the SpyAnywhere stealth mode.

Task Window
SpyAnywhere will not appear in the task window under any Windows task manager.

Stealth Tips
Use the stealth install for SpyAnywhere - this will eliminate all shortcuts in the start menu
to SpyAnywhere.

Install SpyAnywhere to a less obvious folder, like c:\program files\win32config, then rename the spyanywhere.exe so it is not obvious.

Be sure to not include the installer during stealth installation to avoid it appearing in the 'add/remove programs' control panel.

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