SpyAgent Integration

SpyAnywhere integrates completely with our popular SpyAgent monitoring software! SpyAnywhere runs side by side with SpyAgent to allow you to access SpyAgent's stored activity logs in real-time!

Control SpyAgent
SpyAnywhere allows you to configure SpyAgent's logging settings remotely! You can also
start/stop SpyAgent from monitoring with this command.

View Keystrokes Logs
View SpyAgent's keystrokes logs in real-time!

View Conversations Log
View the conversations SpyAgent has logged from AIM/ICQ/MSN/Yahoo messengers.

View Connections Log
View the internet connections log created by SpyAgent.

View Websites Log
View all the websites users have visited that were logged by SpyAgent.

View Windows Log
View the windows log of all windows the remote users have viewed.

View Applications Log
View all the applications the remote users have executed while SpyAgent was monitoring.

View Documents Log
View all logged documents that users viewed .

View Printed Jobs Log
View all documents printed by the user.

View Emails Log
View all emails sent and received by the user.

View Internet Traffic Data Log
View all internet traffic data made by the user.

View Activity Log
View the activity log from SpyAgent to see recent system shutdowns/startups, as well as settings changes within SpyAgent.

View Screenshots Log
View ALL of the screenshots SpyAgent has captured on the remote machine while you were away.

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