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Please use the table below to compare the features in each of our enterprise computer monitoring software solutions and choose what monitoring software best suits your needs.

Ideal For
Small Business
Centralized Network Monitoring
Centralized Monitoring from Anywhere
On-Premises Monitoring
Cloud-based Monitoring  
Information Logged
Keystrokes Typed
Documents Viewed
Documents Printed
File System Usage
Clipboard Text  
Applications Executed
Events Timeline
Software Installations  
File Transfers  
Emails Sent/Received (POP3/SMTP)  
Window Titles
Chat Conversations
Internet Connections  
Desktop Screenshots
Passwords Entered
Website URLs
Online Searches
Website Contents
Internet Traffic Packets
Computer Shutdowns
Start/Stop Times on Websites and Applications Logged
Start/Stop Times on Computer Sessions Logged
How Long Applications Were Used
How Long Websites Were Used
Time Stamps on all log data
How Long Users are Active
How Long Users are Idle
Logging Features
Keystroke Logging
Applications Logging
Documents Logging
Software Installs Logging  
Clipboard Logging  
Windows Logging
Websites Logging
Email Logging (POP3/SMTP)  
Conversation Logging (both sides of chats)
Conversation Logging
(sender side of chats)
Print Jobs Logging
Internet Connections Logging  
Internet Traffic Logging  
File System Logging
File Transfer Logging  
Passwords Logging
Screenshots Capturing
Mouse Clicks Logging  
Remote Log Delivery Features
Log Delivery via E-Mail  
Log Delivery via FTP    
Centralized Network Log Storage  
Remote Log Viewing Features

Cloud-based Log Storage and Viewing

Remote Web-based Log Viewing
Real-time Keystroke Viewing
Real-time Activity Viewing
Centralized Log Viewing on a Network  
Log Management Features
Built in Log Viewers
Log File Searching
Log File Cross-referencing
Log File Date Filtering
Interactive Log Viewers
Log Archiving
Log AutoClearing  
Log File Exporting
Slideshow Playback
Reporting Features
Individual Log Reports
Top 10 Activity Reports
Comprehensive Log Reports
Customizable Reports
Network Trend Analysis Reports  
Network Overview Reports
Network Computer Reports  
Remote Report Viewing
Security Features
Password Protection
Discrete Stealth Mode
Log File Encryption
Optional Splash Warning Screen
Optional Spyware Detectors Disabling  
Optional Task Manager Disabling
Log File Backdating  
Active Startup Mode
Content Filtering/Parental Control Features
Website Filtering
Application Filtering
Chat Messenger Filtering
Keystroke Filtering  
Configurable Windows Features Restrictions  
Portable Drive Blocking
Activity Alert Features
Application Usage Email Alerts
Website Usage Email Alerts
Chat Client Usage Email Alerts
Keystroke Phrase Email Alerts
Computer Shutdown/Startup Email Alerts
File Usage Alerts
Portable Drive Alerts
Computer Relocation Alerts
Real-time Network Alerts  
Scheduling Features
Log Scheduling
Lockdown Scheduling
Computer Usage Scheduling  
Application Usage Scheduling  
Website Usage Scheduling  
Weekly Usage Time Limits  
Daily Usage Time Limits  
Remote Administration Features
Real-time Network Activity Ticker
Visual Network Overview
Real-time Keystroke Viewing
Real-time Activity Viewing
Remote Viewing of Registry Startup Entries  
Remote Viewing of Open Ports  
Realtime Application/Window Viewing  
Remote File System Browsing  
Remote Admin Functions  
Remote Desktop Viewing
Send Message to user  
Remote System Info Viewing  
Logoff/shutdown remote PC
Lockdown Remote PC
Security Auditing  
Ease-of-Use Features
Remotely Installable
Graphical User Interface
Extensive Documentation
Configuration Wizard
Load on Windows Startup
Options Export/Import
Unlimited Tech Support
Adjustable Performance
Remote Stealth Network Install
Compatibility Features
Windows NT/2000/XP Compatibility
Windows 8/8.1,10, and 11 Compatibility
Windows Vista and 7 Compatibility
Windows 64-bit Compatibility
Mac OS Compatibility  
Android Compatibility  
Chromebook Compatibility  

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