Spytech Partner Program

Purchase our products at a discount and resell to your customers

Looking to offer award-winning, world-class computer monitoring solutions to your customers? Spytech Software, Inc. has been a respected spy software and computer security solutions provider since 1998 - earning recognition from prestigious media outlets such as PC Magazine, PC World, PC Today, TechTV, ABC, NBC, and many online download websites (such as WebAttack/Snapfiles.com).

Spytech's partner program allows you to purchase our products at a 40% discount and then resell the purchased licenses to your end-users/customers at full price. Joining the partner program is free, and once your application is approved you can start purchasing and reselling our products immediately!

How the Partner Program Works

Spytech's parter program is easy to join and start purchasing through. Once you signup and join the partner program you will be able to request purchasing links where you can purchase our products at a discount. Purchasing discounts start at 40% and you can then resell the licenses to your own customers.

How Do I Get Started?

CLICK HERE to submit an application to our partner program! Once your application is reviewed and approved you will be able to request purchase links and purchase our products at discounted prices.

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Request Purchase Links

The Purchase Request Form is where you can request links to our products at partner discount prices. If you are an approved partner you will be provided with the appropriate discounted purchase links for the products you are requesting.

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Strategic Partnerships with Spytech

We are always interested in partnering with companies that offer complimentary products or services that can help us to create best-of-breed solutions to offer our customers.

If you are interested in creating a strategic partnership or OEM relationship with Spytech, please e-mail specifics on your company, your contact information, and a brief description of your proposed partnership with Spytech to: resell@spytech-web.com