Stealth Email Account Service

Stealth Email for Guaranteed Log Delivery and Security

Spytech presents a new powerful email account service - Stealth Email. Our stealth email account service works in conjunction with our monitoring software (such as SpyAgent and SpyAnywhere) to create guaranteed remote log delivery in a totally secure environment. Stealth Email will work around ISP's that block outside email services (such as AOL, AT&T, MSN, etc.) to allow for easily configured remote log delivery - in total privacy. Read below to read about all the benefits that our Stealth Email service provides.

Stealth Email Service Benefits
Guaranteed Log Delivery

Our Stealth Email service, when combined with SpyAgent's log delivery, provides guaranteed log delivery to any email address (including your stealth email account).

Works with ALL Internet Service Providers

Many Internet Service Providers (such as MSN) will block outside mail servers - thus making remote log delivery impossible. Our stealth email service will bypass all ISP restrictions to ensure your emails get through, all the time, without using your ISP's monitored mail server.

Check your Email from Anywhere

Your Stealth Email account can be accessed via a web-based login for remote convenience, or you can configure your favorite email client to use your stealth email account service.

Easy to Configure and Setup

Your Stealth Email account service is very easy to integrate with your favorite email client, as well as our monitoring software. We provide you full configuration information so you can be setup in seconds!

What You Receive...
Your own Personalized Email Account

You will receive your own personalized email account -

25MB of Storage

Your stealth email account inbox will hold up to 25MB of messages at one time (that is equivalent to about 25 fully configured email delivery reports from SpyAgent).

Security and Privacy

Your email account can only be accessed by you alone (provided you keep your password secure) and no personal information is retained on the Stealth Email server - only your username and password login.

Configuration Information

You will be provided with email account setup information for your email client, as well as log delivery configuration instructions for use with our monitoring software.

Do You Need this Service?
It makes remote monitoring EASY

You will never have to worry about missing reports, or misconfiguring our monitoring software to deliver logs to your email address. We give you the setup information that will always work.

It works with all ISP's

Your ISP will not interfere with your stealth email account - it will always work, no matter what internet connection is used. This is great for users using restrictive ISP's like AOL, MSN, and many others.

It is anonymous.

By using our Stealth Email service you can choose an anonymous username that does not 'give away' who the logs are being transmitted to. Personal information is not stored in the Stealth Email system, only your login information.

It is private.

You will not have to worry about others reading your activity reports - only you have access.

It is secure.

Your stealth email service will never be filtered or interrupted by your local Internet Service Provider.

How Stealth Email can be used with Our Software
When Used with SpyAgent...

Stealth Email guarantees remote activity log delivery to any email you choose - now you can remotely monitor your computer without worrying about properly configuring your email delivery settings - or having the logs intercepted or rejected by your standard ISP email account.

When Used with Realtime-Spy...

Send the remotely deployable logging module you create to any computer you own and want to monitor - from a secure stealth email address.

When Used with SpyAnywhere...

Have remote the IP address of the computer you want to monitor sent to your stealth email address so you can always have access to your computer from a remote location.

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