Spytech Affiliate Program

Earn commissions on referred sales from your website and advertising

Interested in making real money from the Spytech product line? Spytech Software, Inc. has been a respected spy software and computer security solutions provider since 1998 - earning recognition from prestigious media outlets such as PC Magazine, PC World, PC Today, TechTV, ABC, NBC, and many online download websites (such as WebAttack/Snapfiles.com).

Spytech's affiliate program is extremely lucrative, with guaranteed payouts, and completely free. Our resale program starts out by giving you 40% of each sale you make - and commission is increased based on your sales success! We supply the content and links you need to start selling - you only have to worry about getting users to your website. Please read below to find out more information about partnering with Spytech!

How the Affiliate Program Works

Spytech's affiliate program is extremely simple to join, use, and profit from. Commissions start out at 40% for any sales you generate. We already have hundreds of successful affiliates - why not join?

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How Do I Get Started?

CLICK HERE to sign up now for our free affiliate program! Once signed up you will have the power to market any Spytech products with specific product links - which will allow you to be paid your commission for all sales from your link - even 2 months down the road! If customers see our products on your site, then download and purchase at the Spytech site - you still get your commission!

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The Affiliate's Toolbox

Looking for images to use on your website, as well as product text links, screenshots, award graphics and more? Feel free to view the affiliate's toolbox to grab images and information to get your sales started.

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Strategic Partnerships with Spytech

We are always interested in partnering with companies that offer complimentary products or services that can help us to create best-of-breed solutions to offer our customers.

If you are interested in creating a strategic partnership or OEM relationship with Spytech, please e-mail specifics on your company, your contact information, and a brief description of your proposed partnership with Spytech to: resell@spytech-web.com