Spytech NetVizor

NetVizor is the award-winning network computer monitoring and supervision solution that your network needs! NetVizor gives you the power to log all keystrokes, emails sent/received, websites visited, windows viewed, applications ran, internet connections made, passwords entered, chat conversations that were made, and even capture screenshots of the user's activities!

NetVizor allows you to centrally monitor and control machines on your network from one location. Remote real-time administration, monitoring, reporting, and tracking of users on a network has never been easier!

Windows Compatible for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, NT, and 200x

NetVizor can be used in many computer environments, and in countless ways. Here are a few possible uses for NetVizor.

Computer Monitoring

NetVizor can record any activity performed by a user on your network computers. Click here to read more.

Employee Monitoring

Keep track of what employees are doing during business hours. Are they playing games, or actually working? Click here to read more.

Network Monitoring

NetVizor can monitor your entire network from one centralized location, allowing you to see exactly what everyone is doing, in real-time. Click here to read more.

Remote Monitoring

NetVizor allows you to see what others are doing on your computers - from one central location on your network. Click here to read more.

Remote Administration

NetVizor can allow you to remotely control workstations on your network. Click here to read more.

Keystroke Logger

Log each and every keystroke a user types while using Windows. Including passwords and emails. Click here to read more.

Internet Monitoring

Monitor and record all internet related activities - from websites visited, to internet chat conversations. Click here to read more.

Content Filtering

Control what websites users can visit, and what programs they can run while using your computer. Click here to read more.

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