Spytech has gone through many changes in its history. Below is a timeline highlighting key events in Spytech's history.

2013   Spytech releases Realtime-Spy for Mac OS X, allowing Mac users to remotely monitor their Macs from anywhere. Numerous major updates are also released: NetVizor 7.0, SpyAgent 8.0, Keystroke Spy 3.0, and SpyAnywhere 5.0.

2012   Spytech continues to refine its entire product line, releasing numerous minor updates for each product.

2011   Spytech releases Keystroke Spy for Mac OS X, a powerful keylogger and screenshot capturing solution for Mac users. NetVizor 6.0 and Realtime-Spy 6.0 are also released.

2010   Spytech releases many important updates for its entire award-winning product line, now over 10-years mature.

2009   Spytech releases important major updates in Realtime-Spy 5.0, SpyAgent 7.0, and Keystroke Spy 2.0. Other products, including NetVizor, SpyAnywhere, and SentryPC, are regularly updated and maintained.

2008   Spytech releases Realtime-Spy 4.0, the latest major version of the popular remote spy software. Other products, including NetVizor, SpyAnywhere, and SpyAgent, undergo important updates, further improving product quality and functionality.

2007   Spytech releases several major upgrades that include SentryPC 2.0, NetVizor 5.0, and SpyAnywhere 4.0. Spytech also releases a handful of exciting new products: Keystroke Spy, Ascendant Network File Monitor, and Ascendant Network Enforcer. SpyAgent and Realtime-Spy undergo several important minor version updates.

2006   Spytech releases several major upgrades. SpyAgent 6.0 raises the bar for all-in-one comprehensive activity monitoring spy software. Realtime-Spy 3.0 improves on an already powerful remotely installable computer monitoring system. Other applications are further refined and developed with minor updates.

2005   Spytech steps into the parental control market with its instantly popular access control software, SentryPC. SentryPC is developed with parents in mind, allowing them to monitor their child's actions in their entirety, and govern their computer usage as well. The Stealth FTP service is also launched. Software titles are consistently updated and improved.

2004   Spytech launches NetVizor 4.0 which vastly improves on NetVizor's previous monitoring and administration capabilities. The Stealth Email service and Realtime-Spy Plus are also launched. Software titles are updated and improved.

2003   Spytech releases SpyAgent 5.0, which pushes the standards even further for computer monitoring software packages. Other software titles are refined and polished even more. Spytech launches its Infiltration Systems product line, focusing on network security and auditing.

2002   Spytech expands its product line by releasing NetVizor and Realtime-Spy. NetVizor is the first centralized network surveillance software package available, while Realtime-Spy is the first remotely installable monitoring software to let you monitor any computer from anywhere without relying on email log delivery and direct computer connections. Spytech becomes a Minnesota corporation.

2001   Spytech revolutionizes computer monitoring by releasing SpyAgent 4.0 and SpyAnywhere. SpyAgent's unique graphical user interface sets a trend that will change the way monitoring software is designed in the future.

2000   Spytech releases SpyAgent and begins its path to becoming one of the top monitoring software companies in the world. SpyAgent quickly becomes an immediate success on the web, garnering top awards and reviews from software websites. SpyAgent is quickly polished and refined by two more subsequent version releases.

1999   Spytech continues developing its online presence by claiming top awards for its freeware solutions from websites such as ZDNet and Download.com

1998   Spytech Software and Design is founded as a freeware security solutions and web development provider.

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