Advanced Settings

SpyAgent's advanced settings can be accessed from the ADVANCED button. SpyAgent's advanced settings let you modify and further configure the finer points of SpyAgent's operation - such as various security functions, cpu usage, and the access hotkey. The advanced settings are broken up into the following categories:

Thread Priority: this allows you to specify SpyAgent's thread priority (ie: how much CPU it uses). For slower systems a lower thread priority is recommended.

Splash Warning: this allows you to specify SpyAgent's startup splash screen, if enabled. This screen will appear every time SpyAgent is loaded.

AutoClear: this allows you to have SpyAgent autoclear its logs when they reach specified size limits. Autoclear can also auto-archive your logs before they are cleared.

AutoArchive: this allows you to have SpyAgent automatically archive its logs every X minutes, and after successful FTP and Email log deliveries.

AutoRemove: this allows you to have SpyAgent uninstall itself automatically when it is ran on a specified day. SpyAgent can remove all activity logs when it removes itself, if desired.

Log Location: this allows you to specify where you want SpyAgent to store its activity logs. For Windows NT/2000/XP systems monitoring ALL users it is recommended that the log location be set to x:\documents and settings\all users. For Windows Vista/7/8 this should be set to c:\programdata\. This log location must be set to have full read/write access for all users - please see our how-to on this for more information.

Hotkey: this allows you to customize the hotkey combination that is used to bring SpyAgent out of stealth mode. Should you disable the hotkey using the Security settings you will need to run the 'NoStealth.exe' file located in SpyAgent's installation folder.

Security Options: this allows you to enable various security settings that help 'hide/conceal' SpyAgent more. Each security option is further explained by clicking on the "?" button next to each option.

Remote Desktop: this allows you to enable SpyAgent's Remote Desktop feature, which allows you to remotely control your computer in real-time.


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