Viewing and Managing Logs

SpyAgent's logs are viewable via its built-in log viewers that are accessible from the SpyAgent interface.


To view activity logs click on the appropriate log viewer on the SpyAgent interface. For example, if you want to view applications that were ran you would click on PROGRAMS USAGE on SpyAgent's interface. Each log category has its own unique log viewer that lets you view and interact with the log data. The log viewers allow you to save logs, export them to HTML format, and cross-reference log data with other logs that SpyAgent has captured.

Remotely via Email/FTP

SpyAgent can deliver its activity logs in secret to your own personal email or FTP account. More details on remote log delivery can be found here.

Remotely via your Web-Browser

SpyAgent's logs and settings can be viewed remotely via your web-browser. To do this you would need our companion software, SpyAnywhere. You can read about SpyAnywhere here.

Using the Built-in Log Viewers

When you click on a log category, as shown above, you will be presented with a log viewer similar to the Applications log viewer shown here:

Each viewer has a toolbar that lets you perform specific actions for that log. These actions typically include the ability to save the log, clear it, and export it to HTML format. Each viewer also includes a menu in the toolbar titled 'Actions...'

The Actions Menu
The typical 'Actions...' menu will be similar to the one shown to the right here. The actions menu typically allows you to filter log data, search the log for a keyword, show log entries from a specific date, and cross reference the log data with all other activity logs. This allows you to quickly correlate important events and entries with each other. See the cross-referencing logs section for more information about this feature.

Related Logs Tabs
Most log viewers will have organizational tabs at the top of the viewer toolbar. These tabs allow you to switch between related logs with great ease. In the screenshot shown below, all web-based activity is grouped together via related tabs.

The Jump Menu
A jump menu is accessible on the right side of the viewer toolbar that lets you quickly jump from one log to another.

Closing and Maximizing the Viewer
All log viewers allow you to close or maximize the viewer by clicking on the square on the top right of the viewer.


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