General Settings

SpyAgent's General Settings are accessed via the GENERAL button. SpyAgent's General settings allow you to configure the most commonly used settings within SpyAgent - such as having it load on Windows startup, and running stealth mode.

Startup: SpyAgent can be configured to load on windows startup for all users, the current user you are logged in under, or not at all.

Active Mode: this option allows SpyAgent to be started in monitoring mode when it is opened - no need for manually starting its monitoring.

Stealth Mode: this option allows SpyAgent to run in total stealth. Combined with 'Active Mode' the software will load and run in monitoring mode in complete stealth.

Splash Warning: this option allows you to display a message to the user when SpyAgent is started. This message can be configured in the Advanced Settings -> Splash Screen window.

Set/Change Password: this allows you to set or change SpyAgent's password.

Key phrase Access : this allows you to be able to access SpyAgent by typing in a specific key phrase into any window you are interacting with.

Show Summary Report... : this allows you to have SpyAgent generate and display an activity summary report whenever monitoring is stopped.

Remove from Control Panel: this allows you to remove SpyAgent's uninstall entry from the Add/Remove Programs control panel.

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