Remote Log Delivery

SpyAgent has the unique ability to allow you to have its activity logs delivered to your personal e-mail address or FTP account every xxx minutes as desired. This allows you to remotely keep tabs on your employees and children at home (if you are at work, for example).

Email Log Delivery

Setting it up
SMTP Host: You only need to configure the SMTP host if you have clicked on 'Advanced Email Log Delivery Configuration'. This is your mail host that you use for your email clients. If you do not know this contact your ISP or system administrator. You can configure SpyAgent to use an alternate SMTP port on your email host by configuring the host in the following format - hostname:alternateport (example:
Recipient: This is where the logs are delivered to. Most likely your own personal email address.
Mail From: This is the address where your mail will be sending from. It is a good idea to use your own email address for this, or you can make up one (but this may not sometimes work well).
SMTP Authentication: If your SMTP host requires authentication on outgoing email then this option should be configured.

How to enable this option: you can turn this feature on by clicking on REMOTE LOG DELIVERY on the SpyAgent window, then going to the Email Delivery tab.

Viewing Logs
Once the logs are emailed to you, you can view the logs inside your own email software that you commonly used. All logs are text format, and can be saved by simply going to the Save email feature within your email client.

Frequent Email Delivery Questions
Here are some common questions users have about the email delivery process:
Q: Does SpyAgent use my email program to send the logs?
A: No - SpyAgent uses its own built in emailer - all logs are sent invisibly.

Q: What if I am offline, are the logs sent - or will SpyAgent try to sign on?
A: No - SpyAgent will not send logs, or attempt to send logs, if your PC is offline - it will
wait until the user is online - then send all logs.

Q: I am using the default SpyAgent Email Delivery options with as my server
but it will still not send, what's wrong?
A: Try changing your mail from and SMTP host address to the ones you use in your own email
software, such as Outlook Express. If you are using an ISP, like Microsoft Network, the logs
may not send with as your server because MSN tends to block outside
party email servers.

Q: Can I test the email delivery without having to wait every few minutes for SpyAgent to
automatically send?
A: Yes! You can use the "Test Email Delivery" feature within SpyAgent's Email Log Delivery settings screen.

Q: Can I use an alternate port for SMTP - instead of the typical port 25?
A: Yes! Simply add ":port" to your hostname (ie: to use an alternate port.

Q: Do you have a private, anonymous, stealth email service that guarantees log delivery in a secure environment?
A: Yes! Our Stealth Email Service features guaranteed log delivery, with no traces of any kind being stored on our email servers. You can send/receive email in total security, as well as bypass any ISP's that block outside SMTP servers. Click here to read about this service.

FTP Log Delivery

Setting it up
To configure SpyAgent's FTP Delivery click on GENERAL then go to the FTP Delivery tab. Enter your FTP server and account information, check what logs you want uploaded, and specify an interval to have the logs uploaded at (i.e.: every 30 minutes). The logs will be uploaded in an easy to read HTML or TEXT format (whichever you specify).

How to enable this option: you can turn this feature on by clicking on REMOTE LOG DELIVERY on the SpyAgent window, then going to the FTP Delivery tab.

Viewing Logs
Once the logs are uploaded to your FTP account, you can either view them using a standard FTP client, or possibly via your web-browser. This depends on your FTP account setup and is independent of SpyAgent's functionality.

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