Log Cross-Referencing

SpyAgent's built-in log viewers (accessible from SpyAgent's interface) have powerful cross-referencing tools located in the Actions menu found on each log viewer. The cross-referencing actions allow you to quickly relate relevant log information with all other activity logs that SpyAgent contains. This allows you to easily harness all of SpyAgent's data into quick captures of information that are most important to you.

Example #1
If you were browsing file usage logs and came across a file you were interested in you could use the action 'Cross-reference logs with selected event file' and pull-up a screen that would show you when the file was modified, created, deleted, typed in (via keystrokes logs), maybe even captured in a screenshot.

Example #2
If you were browsing the applications executed log you could click on an application that was ran and select the action 'Cross-reference logs with selected event Application Name'. From there you would be able to see how long that program was actively used (via the application usage log), whether it was captured in any screenshots or not, what windows were associated with it (windows log), and even all keystrokes that were typed in that application at various times.


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