Quick Installer Creation

SpyAgent can create a copy of its installation and place it on a portable drive or folder on your computer in seconds. This 'quick installer' can then be used to install SpyAgent in a preconfigured fashion onto a computer instantly. The quick installer is optimal for thumb drive/portable drive deployment when you need to deploy SpyAgent quickly onto a computer you own.

Setting it up
To create a quick installer click on SpyAgent's "Program Options" menu then choose "Create Quick Installer". You will be prompted for a location to place the installer package - this is typically a portable drive, but can also be a folder on your computer that you can later copy to a disk or drive. SpyAgent will create a copy of its installation in this destination, including its current program settings that you previously set.

Once the installer is created will see a 'setup.exe' file, along with a host of other files in your destination folder or drive. Running the setup.exe file will install SpyAgent.

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